Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gym Pictures!

In case you are wondering how I can fit a whole gym into my basement, I decided to post a few pictures. Obviously the gym will not always be set up in this exact configuration, and not all the equipment I will be using is shown. But you can get the idea.

Our gym is in a large open room with a built-in loft and slide, and even a few hidden tunnels! Four 4X8 high quality tumbling mats give us plenty of space to jump and roll in safety, and can be easily moved for other tasks and adventures!

There is plenty of space for parents to sit and watch, and other children are welcome to play in the adjoining playroom or the gated backyard. Students will enter through the basement entry through the gate to the side of the garage.

Our adjustable bar is just right for younger students, and our low beam will give them the perfect practice for high beam work in the future. (Once they've mastered their skills on flat floor beams!)
Remember that often, our class will move outside to use the trampoline and lawn as well. So during summer, my gym gets twice as big! Even more equipment is coming soon. All the gym needs now is little Jumping Beans to fill it up! See you next week!


  1. This looks fantastic! My boy has a sensory processing disorder and is a sensory seeker, so he is going to LOVE this! We are excited!